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Laguna Glaciar – Sorata

The massive formed by llampu 6,368m (20,887ft) and Janko Uma

Acotango 6052m

The Acotango (6052m) is a volcano located in the border

Takesi Trek

The Takesi trek is a popular trek from La Paz

Condor’s Head 5648 m

The Condor’s head is part of the Condoriri mass. This


All One Day This trek begins in Chacaltaya ideal for

Cordillera real – Laguna Kacha to Kotia

This hike is designed for people who do not have

Cordillera Real Illampu Circuit

We passing along the beautiful landscape of the Cordillera Real,

Licancabur 5918m

The Licancabur (5918m), that in Kunsa language means “The People’s

Jungle Tour – National Park Madidi

To travel motor boat taking the Beni River, for about

Jungle Trek & Sport Fishing, Beni River

We will leave Rurrenabaque at 09:30am. by canoe with engine

Chachacomani 6074m

It is a summit of difficult access, but it is

Ancohuma 6.427m

The Ancohuma, is Nevado pertaining to the Real mountain range

Viloco Choquetanga

his trekking takes place on a pre-Columbian path in the

Salar de Uyuni

Trips to the Salar de Uyuni are an unforgettable experience


All One Day Anciently known Taypikala that in aymara language it means Stone

Condoriri – Huayna Potosí

Condoríri has recently become one of the places preferred by

Huayna Potosi 6088m

This peak is impressive and justifiably popular. It’s one of

The Little Alpamayo 5370m

The Little Alpamayo (Alpamayo Chico, or Fab) is a 5370

Kotia – Condoriri

Kotia It is one of the trek that allows us


All One Day Take this 1 day tour to Copacabana

Parinacota 6333m

The Payachatas (twins) are placed face to face. One of

Illimani 6.438m

Its strategic position with respect to La Paz has permitted


The Mururata, which holds an altitude of 5,869 meters above

Yunga Cruz

The pre-Inca trail called the Yungas Cruz joins the temperate

Sajama 6549m

This is the highest mountain in Bolivia standing at an

Uturuncu 6008m

Uturuncu (6008m) in Quechua language means “puma”. This 6000 is

La Paz City Tour

A unique city tour that will not only show you

Piramide White 5.230m

The White Pyramid owes its name to the similarity with

Potosí Bolivia

Potosí, located at 3826 meters above sea level, is one

National Park Madidi / Jungle Tour

MAPAJO TRAIL We will leave around 09:30am. From Rurrenabaque where

The Choro

The El Choro trek is the most popular trek with

Tarija Bolivia

Tarija is the capital of the department that has the

Copacabana and Sun Island

2 days Copacabana and Sun Island (Isla del Sol) from

Sucre Bolivia

Sucre is the constitutional and historical capital of Bolivia. At

Condoriri – Pico Austria

Kotia It is one of the trek that allows us

Palca Canyon

All One Day Take this day trip and explore two

Biking Death Road

The Death Road or better known as the most dangerous

Boat Guanay – Rurrenabaque

This is the only Jungle Tour starting in La Paz

Jungle – Classic / National Park Madidi

We will leave Rurrenabaque at 09:30am. We will have a

National Park Madidi / Jungle Trek

This is the most beautiful trek in the jungle where

Apolobamba – The Kallawaya’s Trail

A characteristic Apolobamba landscape This trekking is called in this

Illampu 6.328m

The Nevado Illampu, also known as Nevado de Sorata, because

Chearoco 6127m

Chearoco is a big peak which looks a lot more

Pampas - Santa Rosa Park

All One Day - Private Tour Pampas is an option,

Trans Cordillera

A walk that begins in the town of Sorata, a

Pampas 3 Days

Our classic 3-day tour in La Pampa, a place rich

Customers Feedback


Anacondas, Alligators, pink Dolphins, piranhas fishing, monkeys, tarantulas, parrots and much, much more….
Fantastic guides, good food.
Trip of a life time.
You will have no .
Just do it!

Nicola England London


Pampas is out of this world, William is an awesome guide.
Inca Land Tours, was brilliant

Ellio and Claudia (UK)


We went on a tour with Inca Land Tours and we loved it!

The guide are very qualified at their jobs, and can explain about all the medicine plants and animals.
We actually have to admit, that we have not met an agency with such a good service.
Enjoy all the animals of the pampas the zoo of the nature!.
20 June 2017

Elizabeth Mac Dowel – British


Even despite the mosquitos we had a great experience on the Beni. The guide was so knowledgeable in everything, the family we stayed with was so nice our cook, made better food than anything I`d had in Bolivia (veg. too!).
Our guide taught us about all the plants in the Amazon even caught us an alligator .
Thanks so much

Hillary Beiline


Salut les explorateurs de la jungle et de la pampa!!
5 jours extraordinaires avec le guide Antonio et la cuisiniere Veronica.
Attraper les alligators, donner a manger aux singes capturer un anaconda: tout est posible avec

Antonio – France


Has a brillant time on the pampas tour. Inca Land Tours were fantastic provided us with a great guide, a great tour, great food.
Overall, the wildlife, scenary were worth going back to. Brilliant.

Helen, Kate – Sydney, Australia.


Just do it both .
Lots of value for Money and memories for Life!!

Mette Norge