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These salt of 12,000 km ², at an altitude of 3,650 m, in the past were part of a prehistoric salt lake which covered most of southwestern Bolivia. Is estimated to contain reserves of 10 billion tons of salt which draws 19,700 annually using traditional methods.

Fish Island in the middle of the salt, has spectacular stands of cactus and is home to an isolated colony of viscacha (long-tailed rodents, related to the chinchilla). The people of Uyini, southeast of the salt is the best starting point for many hikes. Northwest of the Salar de Uyini is the Salar de Coipasa, a village of Indians Chipaya outstanding on its northern edge.
Apparently, the people of this village may be descendants of the lost civilization of Tiahuanaco. Travelers who venture far from the beaten paths of tourism must behave with due sensitivity to local culture, you should refrain from photographing the natives of this region.

Laguna Colorada
This wild red lake, located in the southwest corner of Bolivia is located in a remote mountain region surrounded by a surreal-looking landscape, stripped of vegetation and dotted with rolling hills.
The birdwatchers were especially interested in copies of the few common species of flamingos James, living on the lake.
Temperatures drop to reach -20 º C, but the intense aroma of yareta, a shrub that is used as fuel, ice perfumes the air. A 50 km south of the lake is the elevation of 4,800 m in altitude of Morning Sun, where a geyser, with bubbling mud pools and fumaroles hellish sulfur vapors expelled stink in the cool mountain air.

Laguna Verde
This wonderful blue-green lake, situated at an altitude of 5,000 m, is nestled in the southwestern corner of Bolivia, almost 100 km of the Morning Sun. Behind the lake rises 5,930 m cone Licancabur Volcano, whose summit lies an Inca crypt.
If the traveler feels a chill in here, it may not be solely due to the prevailing cold. In this place, forcing young people used to march naked Incas to the top of the mountain, which froze to death as a sacrifice to the gods.

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