Acotango 6052m

The Acotango (6052m) is a volcano located in the border between Chile and
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Ancohuma 6.427m

The Ancohuma, is Nevado pertaining to the Real mountain range or Central of

Apolobamba – The Kallawaya’s Trail

A characteristic Apolobamba landscape This trekking is called in this way because the
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All One Day This trek begins in Chacaltaya ideal for acclimatization; We will

Condoriri – Huayna Potosí

Condoríri has recently become one of the places preferred by our visitors, located
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Condoriri – Pico Austria

Kotia It is one of the trek that allows us to visualize different
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All One Day Take this 1 day tour to Copacabana and explore the
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Copacabana and Sun Island

2 days Copacabana and Sun Island (Isla del Sol) from La Paz (2
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Cordillera real – Laguna Kacha to Kotia

This hike is designed for people who do not have much time to
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Cordillera Real Illampu Circuit

We passing along the beautiful landscape of the Cordillera Real, close to Lake
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Huayna Potosi 6088m

This peak is impressive and justifiably popular. It’s one of the easiest 6000m
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Illampu 6.328m

The Nevado Illampu, also known as Nevado de Sorata, because of its proximity
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