The massive formed by llampu 6,368m (20,887ft) and Janko Uma 6,427m (21,080ft) is the biggest in Cordillera Real and with no doubt the most majestic of the Bolivian Andes.

According to the Aymara mythology, the mountains are not only the house of the gods (Achachilas) but, they are semi-gods themselves. “Ilapu” was the god of the storms, thunder and rain, and probably that is the origin of the name of Illampu Mountain. Its partner’s name comes from the Aymara words Janko=White and Uma=water.

Starting from Sorata, our trekking route will take us through beautiful land traversing the western slopes of Illampu-Janko Uma massif passing Chillata lagoon on the way to Laguna Glaciar.

Climbers who attempt Janko Uma follow the same route to laguna Glaciar where most of them establish their base camp.

Please note that to take this trip alone, you must already be acclimatized to the highlands. This means that you must have spent at least 3-5 days at the highlands doing light physical activity. Then after having made this trip we strongly suggest booking other mountaineering

DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive by 8:00 AM for a prompt departure at 8:30 AM.
RETURN TIME Approximately 18:30 PM.
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen.
Meals mentioned in the itinerary.
Full land transportation during the trip.
Common camping equipment: 3 season tents, dinning and kitchen tents & tableware.
Bilingual guide during the trip.
Luggage transportation with porters and/or animals (15 kg/33 lb per person max weight).
Cook when camping.
National Park entrance fees.
Transfers IN/OUT to airports.
International & local flight tickets & fees.
Meals & accommodation while in La Paz.
Personal camping equipment: sleeping bag, mattress, headlamps, and clothing.
Insurance of any kind.
Any expense due to a rescue operation (rescuers fee, transportation, or medical cost).


1 Day

Transport to Sorata. Trek to Chillata lagoon. Camp.

After a very early start and a pleasant drive bordering the northern shores of Lake Titicaca over the “Altiplano” and down to the valley of Sorata. Near the town we will meet our muleteers and start hiking towards our campsite located at the shores of Chillata lagoon one of the most enigmatic and mystic water bodies in the region according to the local legends.

Our route will traverse the northern slopes of Janko Uma massif following well marked paths through corn and barley fields, allowing us to experience an abrupt change in the landscape and the climate.

Overnight: Camping

Day Elevations:

La Paz; 3,650m (11,972ft)

Road pass; 4,212m (13,815ft)

Sorata; 2,678m (8,783ft)

Chillata lagoon; 4,213m (13,818ft)


Driving: 3-4Hrs (130km)

Walking: 6-7Hrs (14km)

Meals: Lunch, Dinner

2 Day

Trek to Laguna Glaciar and return. Camp.

In order to avoid camping too high and risk an altitude sickness, we will spend two nights at this campsite and make a round trip to Laguna Glaciar.

Although, not so much elevation to gain for Bolivian standards, the route to the glacier is very steep and though rough terrain. We will walk the same route up and down across granite slopes washed by ancient glaciers.

Overnight: Camping

Day Elevations:

Laguna Glaciar: 5,038m (16,524ft)

Chillata lagoon; 4,213m (13,818ft)


Walking: 7-8Hrs (11km)

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

3 Day

Trek to Sorata. Transport to La Paz

Early in the morning we break campsite and give our luggage to the muleteers, probably we will not see them until Sorata. There our vehicle will be waiting to take us back to La Paz.

Overnight: None

Day Elevations:

Sorata: 2,678m (8,783ft)

Road pass: 4,212m (13,815ft)

La Paz: 3,650m (11,972ft)


Walking: 4-5Hr (11km)

Driving: 3-4Hrs (130km)

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch.


  • Wild mountain trek from Sorata to Laguna Glaciar (lagoon of the glacier); base camp location for climbers to Janko Uma.
  • Two nights camping near the shores of Chillata lagoon; one of the most enigmatic and mystic water bodies in the region according to the local legends.
  • Short visit of Sorata town on the way in and out to the trailhead.
  • Splendid views of the agricultural valleys of Sorata; a Nepal-like landscape of endless fields.
  • 3 days of trekking (36km total distance).

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