Tarija is the capital of the department that has the same name and is located on the banks of the river Guadalquivir and south of Bolivia and near the border with Argentina.

The city of Tarija is located in a wide valley at an altitude of 1,874 meters. And has a pleasant climate most of the year.

The city is known as “Tarija la linda” or “City of flowers”, the destination is ideal for those who seek to enjoy the temperate climate, visit different tourist attractions, taste local wines and meet friendly and nice people.

Tarija was founded in 1574 by the Spaniard Luis de Fuentes y Vargas, who baptized it with the name of “Villa de San Bernardo de la Frontera de Tarixa”.

Distances from Tarija
La Paz: 947 km. // Bermejo: 208 km. // Potosí: 346 km. // Santa Cruz de la Sierra: 787 km. // Cochabamba: 867 km. // Villazón: 190 km. // Salta (Argentina): 568 km.

Tarija is a thriving city where historic buildings are mixed with new businesses, hotels and restaurants.

The city is easy to travel to know the different tourist attractions such as the Plaza de Armas Luis de Fuentes, the Cathedral, the Central Market, San Roque Church, the Convent of San Francisco, the House of Culture “Maison d ‘Or’ and the Blue Castle.

You can also visit the Avenue of the Americas, Bolivar Park, San Martín Bridge, Fountain of Desires, Parque de las Flores and Juan Pablo II Viewpoint.

How to get to Tarija
Tarija is very well connected with the rest of Bolivia and with the north of Argentina for routes that are in good condition.

The city has a Bus Terminal where bus fleets arrive from different Bolivian cities such as Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Cochabamba, Bermejo, Villazón and La Paz.


Wine and singani wine route

Tarija is famous in Bolivia and the world for its wine and singani production. On the outskirts of the city there are large extensions of vineyards and wineries that can be visited by tourists. Most of them are in the Municipality of Uriondo.

Spas Tomatitas y Tomatas Grande

A few kilometers from the city you will find different spas and areas to enjoy the outdoors. Among them you can visit the Tomatitas Spa which has services for visitors and is located very close to the National Park Las Barrancas. Also the spa Tomatas Grande is another of the places chosen to enjoy the water in the hot days. Nearby you can visit the natural pools of the Natural Spa of Corana.

Sama Mountain Range, Tarijeño Altiplano

In the nearby municipalities of Yunchará and El Puente is the Cordillera de Sama Ecological Reserve, inside it protects the flora and fauna of the region as well as the beautiful tourist attractions like lagoons, sand dunes, forests, etc..

Biological Reserves of Tariquía and Alarachi

These ecological conservation zones are part of the greater Bolivian biodiversity. The mountain jungle can be traversed by pedestrian paths and discover the rich variety of animals and plants. Many of these animals are in serious danger of extinction, such as spectacled bears and jaguars.


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