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The Department of Tarija, Bolivia situated south of the border with the Republics of Argentina and Paraguay, is a beautiful valley formed by small towns and villages inhabited by friendly and hospitable people. The Valles and Chaco are the two main regions.
Most of the department is a beautiful garden favored by nature, which combines poetry, song, dance and various scents of violets, jasmine, frangipani, lilies and dahlias. Crystal clear rivers cut through lush meadows and trees protect their shadows major crops.
The town of Tarija is cozy and warm as the region itself. Your hospitality and kindness are remarkable and are an unforgettable stay in Tarija. The music, sometimes nostalgic romantic lyrics, about love and beautiful women on earth Tarija.
Tarija is without doubt one of the cities of Bolivia with better weather, inside one of the most fertile land in the country, prepared as if it were a garden, with varieties of flowers in his travels, becoming the department as part of the Central Valley; In contrast to this description the department of Tarija has also two different areas that are the Sub-Andean Yungas and Chaco Plain, the latter say that this region is characterized by high temperatures and aridity in some points, and their wealth excellence of the largest reserves of hydrocarbon resources in Bolivia. The inhabitants of Chaco, a farmer and rancher, is a skilled horseman, creator of a unique and cherished folklore, recognized in this area of ​​the country and throughout Bolivia.
In Tarija is fruit-producing valleys, inhabited by large rivers vineyards where you can fish, and paleontological sites with small villages of people jovial and loving.
Area: 37,623 km2
Population: 291,407 inhabitants

Duration: 3 Days / 2 Nights
Winery Tours. In Tarija made a tour of barrels and vines, for mysterious warehouses that keep the details of wine and singanis that pride to Tarija, where the aroma and color invite him to taste the wine strains and most noble of this earth.
A stroll through the vineyards we will learn the nuances of the culture of wine, different grape varieties such as Barbera, Merlot, Riesling, Muscat, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc.
A happy touch with those who are responsible for processing we will learn the techniques in winemaking and singanis, drink flavor and aroma particular.
Transfer Airport - Hotel - Airport
Welcome Cocktail
2 Nights Hotel in Tarija
American Buffet Breakfast
Winery tour - includes transportation, wine tasting, cheese and ham, specialized guide.

The pride of the Bolivian Singani
Bolivia is the traditional drink in the natural wine distillate from a Vineyard Muscat of Alexandria Height (1600 to 2850 m). Its origin dates back to colonial times when the population of southern Bolivia Sinkani to start the distillation of Muscat of Alexandria grape pair provide a higher alcoholic beverage to the cold mines of Potosi (4,000 m), that great city mining, had its great heyday with a population greater than that of Paris.
Today, Singer maintains the tradition of art and colonial in its development which, when combined with technology, achieves a perfect harmony of the soil, variety, climate and traditional practices that exude freshness, flavor and life that Bolivians call Singani.
The authenticity of flavors derived from the vineyards Bolivian high is of great magnitude that, even after the wine distillate, perceived freshness and strong aroma of the grape variety that makes this drink a distillate typical Bolivian clear and unique in the world.

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