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We will go through the colonial part of the city, the San Francisco Church, the Gold Museum, the Murillo Square and the outdoor replica of the Tiahuanaco Temple.
We will also visit the street markets, rich in handicrafts, weavings and witchcraft artifacts that represent the traditional beliefs of the Ch'alla (ritual of offerings) and Pachamama (mother earth and symbol of fertility).
We will then see the modern part of the city and the dramatic drops in elevation. Finally we leave the city to enter the Valley of the Moon and enjoy its natural geological formations.
We will go through:
Murillo Square: Dedicated to Don Pedro Domingo Murillo who headed the revolution of 1809, in which the scream for freedom of the citizens of La Paz, that were already fed up with the Spanish domain, was heard. In the center of the square a monument that immortalizes the martyr has been built. In the surroundings, there they are: the Presidential Palace, the headquarters of the Congress of the Republic and the Cathedral.
Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de La Paz: of neoclassicist style; it was built in 1831. In the interior, the columns that sustain the building are of Corinthian style. The planes of the temple -which facade is divided in two bodies- were designed by Antonio Camponovo.
Temple and Convent of San Francisco: Its centennial history is marked by tragic events that, in spite of its fateful consequences, could never dent its impressive beauty. The first construction of this temple of Baroque style goes back to the middle of the 16th century; but, in the 18th century, San Francisco had to be reconstructed, as the inclemencies of the climate caused it serious damages.
Temple of Santo Domingo: The facade of Baroque style was worked entirely in stone in the 18th century; on the other hand, the interior -built in the 19th century- is remarkable for its neoclassical style.
Market of Witches: Everything it is needed for the elaboration of traditional remedies, capable to cure any ailment or illness, is offered in the very old streets of Sagárnaga and Linares, in the colonial area of La Paz. Here handmade products of great quality are also offered.
Museums: In La Paz, you will be able to visit the Museum of Art in the Palace of the Counts of Arana, where a remarkable collection of colonial paintings is exhibited; the Museum of Ethnography and Folclore, in the House of the Marquis of Villa Verde, in which pieces of crafts, musical instruments and traditional gears of Bolivia can be appreciated; Museum House of Murillo, in honor of the initiator of the revolution of 1809 and the Museum of Pre-Colombinan Precious Metals, with valuable samples of art of the first inhabitants of the highland.


» Private Transport.
» Specialized guide.
» Box lunch.

» Binoculares.
» hiking Shoes.
» Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen.
» Rain coat.
» Water bottle for the first day.

If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact us write to our e-mail. incalandbolivia@hotmail.com


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