Illampu 6.328m

The Nevado Illampu, also known as Nevado de Sorata, because of its proximity
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Illimani 6.438m

Its strategic position with respect to La Paz has permitted the city to
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Kotia – Condoriri

Kotia It is one of the trek that allows us to visualize different
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Laguna Glaciar – Sorata

The massive formed by llampu 6,368m (20,887ft) and Janko Uma 6,427m (21,080ft) is
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Licancabur 5918m

The Licancabur (5918m), that in Kunsa language means “The People’s Mountain”, is the

Palca Canyon

All One Day Take this day trip and explore two natural attractions in
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Parinacota 6333m

The Payachatas (twins) are placed face to face. One of them is the

Piramide White 5.230m

The White Pyramid owes its name to the similarity with a pyramid, it
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Sajama 6549m

This is the highest mountain in Bolivia standing at an impressive 6549 meters
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Takesi Trek

The Takesi trek is a popular trek from La Paz with some of
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The Choro

The El Choro trek is the most popular trek with tourists due to
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The Little Alpamayo 5370m

The Little Alpamayo (Alpamayo Chico, or Fab) is a 5370 meter (17618 feet)
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